Contest Rules


1. First Come First Serve, you will receive a raffle ticket and a number in the order that you enter the store!!

2. A employee will call your number when it's your turn to pick out the frags that you want!

3. Their will be no holding or reserving frags when your number is called then you will have a chance to pick out what you want!

4. After you are done with picking out your frags you can check out or we can bag them and mark price and you can look at other items in store!!

Once were done bagging your frags we will move on to the next customer!

5. If you decide that you want more frags later you will need to get another number to get in line!!!

6. Raffles will be every hour on the hour and you need to be present to win! One raffle ticket per family only!

You are able to win Multiple times if your number is called more then once and your present!!


We will have drinks and pizzas